I'm Alexander Komissarov

Product Manager and Operations Supervisor

  • Age 46
  • Passports Dutch and Russian
  • Drivers license Category A, B and T
  • Location Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
  • Accept relocation Any European country, Russia, USA, China
  • Vacation N/A

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I started career at my current company back in 1997. In Freight forwarding and Supply chain I went up the ladder from an Operator to Branch manager. As Branch manager, I was deeply involved in both buying and selling processes, people management, KPI control and much more.

12 years ago moved to the Netherlands and started career in Information Technologies first as a Designer and later as a Product Manager.

I possess work experience in four countries: Denmark, Russia, USA and the Netherlands. Started leading team of 5 people. Grew up to successful completion of several Lean Six Sigma projects leading team of 30+ people.

Professional Skills

Product Management
Test Automation
After Release Support
Data Interfaces
International Logistics


What I am good at

Project Management

Integration, Web, Mobile

I have led number of IT projects to name a few: building of Transport Management System (FLOW), design of Quotes and Rates System (QRS), leading automatic PDF recognition system project.

Lean Management

Productivity boost

Successfully completed several Lean Six Sigma projects. Cherry on the pie is 3 months business trip to the USA, where I led a distributed team and with help of Lean Six Sigma managed to increase KPI to 95,6%

Branch Management

Full control

I opened a branch of JFHillebrand in St. Petersburg from scratch. Developed business, which generated work for 5 employees. Dealt with hiring of the personnel, facing customers, claims resolutions, led buying service and selling service, completed number of tenders.

Outsourcing of Devs team

Best Devs at low cost

Current economical situation in the world dictates new approach to the business model. Cost saving is one of the ways. Outsourced developers team can contribute to the target of cost saving. I can arrange, lead, control remote teams from start of the project to release to production and post production support.

1st and 2nd Line Support

Deep dives into the code, SQL, business logic

I possess experience in troubleshooting in 1st and 2nd line support. This was part of my job to help and support customers with new software after completion of the new project. I have experience in solution of post production requests of any complicity.

Integration Solutions

XML, EDIFACT, Flat Files

Led integration projects with Carrier platforms like INTTRA, Cargosmart, customs entry platforms Sidemar, www.tradetech.net, Clients, warehouses, Container Freight Stations in any file formats: EDIFACT, XML, flat files.

Work Experience

2013 - till now

JF Hillebrand IT BV

Product Management and Operations Supervision

• Product management of different software types from web-based track and trace and reporting systems to carrier and customer interfaces (BizTalk).
• PBIs prioritization.
• Refine and maintain backlog.
• Full Product Life Cycle management.
• Negotiations with internal stakeholders and development teams as of how and when to resolve the found issues, provided test results.
• Acted as first point of contact SCRUM master.
• DEMOs presentation skills.
• Lean Six Sigma projects management.
• Technical go-live, deployment management, handover to maintenance department.
• Work with SQL databases, which includes software behavior route cause search.
• Design and development of Python-based Data science projects for prediction in the sphere of logistics.
• Skilled in: usage of VSTS, Confluence, Visual Studio, Lean Six Sigma green belt, Certified SCRUM master, Knowledge of Object Orient language Python and C#; SQL, API, Machine Learning and AI techniques.

2008 - 2013

JF Hillebrand IT BV

Software Designer

• Has been involved in the solution design of the software with focus on logistics supply chain, EDI integrations, transport management and warehouse management systems.
• Was responsible for strategy of product development with focus on usability.
• Conducted pre-production acceptance environment testing.
• Responsible for IT strategy, product development vision.
• Became a certified SCRUM master. Have 5 years experience in agile software development leading multiple simultaneous trains.
• Prepare User Stories specifications based on the identified requirements.
• Was involved in the interface designs. Contributed to number of EDI integration projects – interfaces with shipping lines, warehouses, trading partners.

1997 - 2002

JF Hillebrand, Denmark

Freight Forwarder

• Acceptance of orders from customers;
• Creation of the corresponding record in the forwarding system;
• Transport route planning;
• Arrangement of the actual transport, booking of trucking, containers, space on the vessel;
• Excise and forwarding documents control (since The Partners Company mostly moved wine and spirits, the knowledge of excise rules in different countries was of top importance);
• Customer invoicing;

2002 - 2008

JF Hillebrand, Russia

Branch Manager

• As the sole start-up of the new office of JF Hillebrand in St. Petersburg I worked independently, played multiple roles and fully exploit time management, problem-solving and accountability skills.
• I arranged and signed contract with the landlord, hired new personnel, set up daily operational processes, led sales and marketing activities, solved problems at the border etc.
• Later, when the office grew to 5 people my focus was mostly on training and coaching of staff, supervision of the daily operations, sales and customer experience.
• Submitted several innovation initiatives, which resulted in significant impact on operational procedures. Dealt with process improvement. Provided analytical reporting.
• Excellent communication skills, proven track record of securing business development and operational excellence. Covered finance part.


2000 - 2002

Diploma in IT

IT University Copenhagen

1992 - 1997

BSc Theoretical Physics

National Research Nuclear University

1991 - 1992

Business and Technology Education Council

British College Of Banking And Finance

IT-University Copenhagen, Denmark

SQL, UI design, Java. My graduation project was dedicated to outsourcing of the IT specialists from the Eastern European countries for software development projects in the West.


National Research Nuclear University, Moscow

Graduation thesis was titled: “Computer modelling of the processes in the nuclear reactors”. Strong background in math, love physics, enjoy combination of the two mentioned in software. Played in the university’s Rugby team.


British College Of Banking And Finance

The influence of economic factors on the activities of a business enterprise. Organization of a business enterprise. Management of financial resources of the enterprise. HR management in the company. Verbal and non-verbal communication. Business administration and documentation. Training and motivation of staff. Work with clients. Online business. Business accounting.


English Fluent
Russian Native
Dutch Fluent speaker, writing on business level
Danish Fluent speaker, writing on business level
French Basic understanding, reading and writing

Worked on integration solutions for:


  • Leendert Vis Chief Information Officer, The Netherlands
  • Erik den Ouden Director Global IT, The Netherlands
  • Scott Moorad Chief Operating Officer, USA
  • Andrew Gilbertson Director of Operations, France
  • Soeren Nymann Area Director North Europe, Denmark

My Stats


2nd line requests

keep clients happy


Bigger projects

for 4 years


PBI completed

during 4 years


Knowledge items

per year

My success vision

I possess deep knowledge and experience in three main success components:
Business. To know business processes, understand the customer needs, and to be able to explain business requirements to the technical teams.
Technical. Being able to evaluate, which solutions have preference from the technical point of view. To know what is technically possible and what may require too much resources to build. Technical knowledge also help to provide after release support to the customers.
Managerial. To be able to estimate all requirements from all involved parties, make them feasible, make things happen.

Businesswise, I have worked for a forwarding company for 10+ years and grew to Branch Manager position. At this high level in freight forwarding I was responsible for sales, facing customers, resolving claim situations, hiring personnel, setting up a brand new office, dealt with business development, budgeting and naturally reporting to C level executives. Knowledge of the business and at the same time IT technologies allows me to foresee development of the tools available for the industry. Out of my initiative and knowledge of Python and Machine Learning techniques a new Qlik based Rate Estimation tool was born at the yearly JFH Hackathon. This tool uses the previously gained data of the routings, costs and CO2 emission and suggests the customer a number of routing solutions with rate estimation. (See next tab)

Technical, at JFHillebrand IT B.V. I have been directly involved in the development of considerable number of projects. I possess experience in implementation of new development technologies: Several years ago I was the one to learn and implement SCRUM approach in our organization and led number of SCRUM trains. I have used SCRUM long enough to set up own opinion when this approach is applicable and how it can be adjusted (for example using Kanban ideas) to suit company/project needs better.

All above is backed up by my study of Theoretical Physics at Moscow Engineering Physical University (Russia) and later in IT University in Copenhagen (Denmark) where I studied Java, UI, SQL. My graduation work was: “Outsourcing for web based solutions”.

During 12 years in IT sphere I dealt with project management, test and design, provision of demos, release to production, after release maintenance and user’s coaching. Have worked with: Confluence, Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio.

Managerial, I opened a new branch of JF Hillebrand in St. Petersburg and led it during 4 years to success and business expansion. I would also specifically emphasize my recent crisis-troubleshooting task in the US. I spent 3 months in California managing a distributed team of 30 people (part of the team is located in New York to be closer to the European time zone). My personal achievement in leading, motivating, encouraging 30 people is to get from red 79.3% to green 95.6% of KPI performance score during 3 months. I used Lean Six Sigma methods to achieve this significant result. Our management appreciated my performance so much that I received double bonus of the originally agreed.

Based on the 16personalities.com I am a Protagonist.

I have profound experience working in cross-cultural environments. Have worked with developers and testers from the Netherlands, Russia, India and Portugal. Fluent in languages: Dutch, English, Danish, Russian, read French.

I love motivating people, explain things, help to climb new heights. My knowledge of Lean Six Sigma allows sharpening up the processes and bringing them to high level of perfection.

Awards and Achievements


Studying languages: Rosetta Stone award for studying Dutch language.

Building robots competition in China: First prize.

Yearly JFHillebrand hackathon: Second prize. I was the creator and initiator of the idea of Machine Learning based Transport rate estimation tool and also project lead during development phase. Led a cross-functional team and won Hackathon with prototype of  QLIK based route and price forecasting tool.



One of my greatest achievements is Productivity Boost Task, which I started in September 2019 in California, USA and successfully completed in late December 2019. I managed a distributed team of 30+ employees (part of the team is located in New York to be closer to the European time zone).

My personal achievement in Team leading, motivating, encouraging is getting from red 79.3% to green 95.6% of KPI performance score during 3 months. I used Lean Six Sigma methods to achieve this significant result. Management of JFHillebrand appreciated this considerable contribution and awarded me with double bonus of the originally agreed.



My Interests

Proud owner of Suzuki Intruder BLC, love learning, practice oil colors drawing and mini farming.

  • Motorbike Riding
  • Learning
  • Oil Colors Drawing
  • Farming


  • What do I enjoy at my work the most

    The most satisfaction I get by making my client happy. Regardless if it is completion of a new project or closure of a support case. It is unbelievable feeling of problem solved.
  • Why do I search new challenges

    The answer is in the question. New challenges are exciting. Learning is fascinating. I am mastering my current tasks and therefore wish to grow, learn, progress.


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